"I wanna be your “1am I can’t sleep” text"


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right now.

Why do people is so hater when it comes to Jeahova’s Witnesses?

I mean, it’s not like I’m super duper religious and so, but i remember my childhood being really really happy and peaceful with my granny ( who is Jehova`s Witness btw).I mean she taught me all I know about loyalty, love, and always try to do the right things no matter what.

I’m not here to sing you about Jehova while I raise my hands and pray to the Lord, or even worst, I won’t try to convert you.

My point here is to express what I’ve been told: ” Be respectful about other’s beliefs, and they’ll respect you as well” but lately I haven’t seen a lot of respect from other people about what a Jehova’s Witness do, I mean, if you google about these people, you’ll only find negative things and bad jokes about them. I know there is a lot of Jehova’s Witness who have  earned this mistreatment, because of a misunderstanding from them about what really means to love God and life and how they let others know it. But c’mon guys, thinking all the Jehova’s Witness are the same is stupid. It is like a single woman saying all her relations have failed because “all men are the same” or stuff like that. Can we just stop being so stereotypical and start listening to people for who they are and what they think individually, not because of the religion they belong to? Let them demonstrate you that they are an amazing person or a complete jerk by their tongue and not because an judicious attitude. 

No se tú, pero pienso que es cierto.

What i’ve got for Christmas <3


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And you just don’t stop. 
I agree.

ME Hotel by Foster and Partners

The skylight makes a radial polygonal shape fractured by light.

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Cosas que nunca pasaron y :(